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M7MI Diesel Brick machine

M7MI Description

M7MI brick machine is a small hydraulic interlock brick machine, It powered by diesel engine, so no need electric, it is very popular because it offers multiple advantages: an integrated pan mixer, diesel engine all fitted on one frame making it a mini mobile factory. It is ideal for small to medium size projects producing around 3000 blocks per day equivalent to 80-100 m of wall. Multiple machines can be used on bigger projects to increase production.
M7MI is our newest mini hydraulic clay brick making machine, can make two bricks one mold .Which has two oil cylinders, imported cylinder, motor & valve from Japan and Italy. It uses clay or soil or concrete materials. You can choose diesel engine or motor. So it is very good for the place where there is no power or electricity. One machine can produce different kinds of interlocking block by changing moulds. When building, just lock them together.

M7MI Technical Specifications

Pcs/mould   2pcs
Rated pressure 16Mpa
Cycle Time 20seconds
Motor Power 11.6hp(diesel engine)
Overall dimension 4270x2300x1700mm
Weight 1400KGS
Raw Materials Clay, soil, cement, concrete, fly ash, stone powder and so on.
Applied Products Solid bricks, Hollow bricks, interlocking bricks, Paver bricks and so on
Applied Fields Widely used in buildings, road pavings, squares, gardens, landscaping, city constructions, etc.

DF7-10 Production capacity

  Brick photo Size mm
L x W x H
Cycle Time Pcs/mould Pcs/hour Pcs/8hour
No.1 Brick 300x150x100 20s 2pcs 360pcs 2880pcs
No.2 Brick 300x150x100 20s 2pcs 360pcs 2880pcs
No.3 Brick 230x220x100 20s 2pcs 360pcs 2880pcs
No.4 Brick 300x150x100 20s 2pcs 360pcs 2880pcs
No.5 Brick 225x112.5x80 20s 2pcs 360pcs 2880pcs
No.6 Brick 300x150x100 20s 2pcs 360pcs 2880pcs
No.8 Brick 300x150x100 20s 2pcs 360pcs 2880pcs
No.12 Brick 300x150x100 20s 2pcs 360pcs 2880pcs
No.13 Brick 300x150x100 20s 2pcs 360pcs 2880pcs