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DF-800 Block claping machine

DF-800 Description

This DF-800 manual block cuber machine/ block palletizer/ block clamping machine/block stacking machine suitable for all kinds of block factory, it has the following advantages
1) Suitable for collect hollow blocks, solid blocks, paving blocks curbstones and so on.
2) Can be used to load the blocks on the truck
3) Easy operation, only one people can operate it.
4) Can move automatically, very conveniently
5) Cheaper price

DF-800 Technical Specifications

Overall Dimension   2000x15001000mm
Weight 450kgs
working type Manually
Power 3KW
Stacking time per pallet 15-30s
Max clamping weight 500kg
Max stacked height 3500mm
Applied product Hollow blocks, solid blocks, paving blocks, curbstones and so on
Applied field Collect the blocks fro pallet and load the blocks on the truck