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DF-1000 Gantry palletizing machine

DF-1000 Description

This Gantry palletizing machine used for collecting the cured blocks from the pallets, suitable for all of the automatic block machine plant. Adopts PLC control unit and double hydraulic control, two clamping head work at the same time, more quickly and efficiently.
This machine can equip with different machine models with different block and pallet size, the stacked block be transported by forklift after separated to the curing area, and the pallet will be used for the production again. one worker needed to operate this machine, which can save the labor.
The capacity is about 2000pcs pallets per day. 
It is designed according to customers block shape and pallet size.

DF-1000 Technical Specifications

Overall Dimension   7500x7000x5500mm
Weight 6200kgs
working type Two way clamping, left and right working
Power 14KW
Stacking time per pallet 20-25s
Max clamping weight 500kg
Max stacked height 1300mm